Top design firms for graphic design handle all kinds of orders for products. In fact, they should be your go-to source for every graphic product you need. The following project examples are just a very small fraction of what the top firms are able to complete for you.

Packaging Design

In addition to the shape of a package, a graphic design firm can add color, pictures, lettering, different font styles, and so forth on the same package. The top firms are also able to manufacture these products on site—not just email you the preliminary views before sending the designs to another company. This makes a very big difference in how your packaging turns out because errors occur less often with a smaller production chain.

Biodegradable Products

Some of the best graphic-design firms not only create your products on site but also create biodegradable products on demand. These products are earth-friendly and will not harm animals, water, or soil in their production. Better still, when consumers toss the packaging into the garbage, the packaging breaks down rapidly and leaves no hazardous chemicals behind.

Edible Packaging

Some top graphic-design companies are currently experimenting with edible packaging materials. This includes rice paper and plastic wrap (which has been used on Chinese rice candy for years), protein-based plastic films for the protection of meat, and even seaweed food trays and cups made from blended, pressed, and dried seaweed. Instructions for consumers and how they can eat the packaging is included on the peel-off labels or wording printed with edible ink right on the packaging. If this is something that interests you because your company is in the grocery business, you may want to consult with a graphic-design company that focuses on these types of products.

Shipping Containers Made Entirely of 100% Post-Consumer Waste

If you want a recycled packaging and shipping product that goes above and beyond, you can hire a top design firm that creates shipping containers made entirely of 100% post-consumer waste. These packages are recreated and reformed from recycled materials, and nobody will have had to cut down fresh trees or create a new batch of plastic or chemicals to do this. Sometimes even the labels are completely recycled materials, and this is a plus when you want to project a specific "green" image to your consumers. Ask the top packaging design firms which of the above options they can and are willing to provide upon demand.

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